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Inverter batteries with capacity ranging from 150Ah to 300Ah and with warranty ranging from 15 years to 20 years

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Inverter battery

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Inverter battery

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main types of inverter batteries: tubular, flat plate, and lithium-ion. Each offers distinct advantages. Choose based on your specific power needs and preferences.

When deciding between a 150Ah and 200Ah inverter battery, it's crucial to consider your power usage, duration of backup needed, available space, and budget. While a 200Ah battery offers longer backup times and can handle higher power demands, a 150Ah battery may suffice for smaller setups with lower power requirements. Assess these factors carefully to make an informed decision and ensure uninterrupted power supply. Let's calculate the optimal backup time of the battery.

Backup Time of Inverter Battery = (Battery Voltage x Battery AH Rating) / Total Watts on Load

For example:
Battery voltage: 12V, Battery AH rating: 150Ah, Load requirement: 800 watts. Backup time of battery: (12 * 150) / 800 = 2.25 hours
Battery voltage: 12V, Battery AH rating: 200Ah, Load requirement: 800 watts. Backup time of battery: (12 * 200) / 800 = 3 hours.

When buying an inverter battery, consider factors like battery type, capacity, warranty, and maintenance requirements. Ensure compatibility with your inverter for optimal performance.

Maintain inverter battery health by regular charging, avoiding deep discharges, checking water level & replinishing it and ensuring proper ventilation. Follow manufacturer guidelines for extended lifespan.